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“Tails is proud to be 100% family owned and operated doggy daycare, boarding facilities, pet food and accessories, feline services, dog walking in Boston.  My husband Alex and I, decided to go into business due to our love for animals and Tails opened its door on October 1, 2012 followed by our new location which opened on September 20, 2014. We always strive to put outstanding customer service, personal attention, and the care of each dog above anything else. We also believe in giving back to the community in which we live by working closely with many local organizations.”


Yessy, Owner

Boarding & Daycare

Beyond the luxury of our facility, it is the people of Tails that make each stay exquisite. Safety-certified, professional canine caretakers are on hand 7 days a week, delivering the finest quality, highly personalized dog service and care.

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We offer only the finest in human-grade, organic dog foods and treats to satisfy even the most discriminating in canine taste. Our exquisite collection of dog leashes, collars, bowls and beds will have your dog living in style.


Tails’ services don’t end here. We offer plenty more including doggie transportation, delivery, dog walking and more. Check out our services page to see all of the options and packages we can customize just for you.

   Did we mention how we have some of the most photogenic pups? Paula striking a pose. #happysaturday #tailsboston #jamaicaplain #bostondogs  Instead of being superhero’s for Halloween , we’re being super cancer awareness pups. Lucie stroking her heroic pose. While Chester, Auggie, Artie, Phoebe and Annie standing (or sitting) in solidarity. #tailsboston #cancerawareness #bostondogs #cancermonth #cancerawarenessmonth #happydogs #jamaicaplain  #FlashBackFriday to our girls Lily and Fey
 Goodmorning from our beautiful girl. Tabitha hopes everyone has puperific Monday #tailsboston #happypmonday #jamaicaplain #bostondogs #dogdaycare #happydog #dogsofinstagram #pictureperfect #servingcuteness #prettydog #mixedbreed  TB! Heidi!!! ❤️ such a sweetie!!  No one can separate Henley from her rocks... we mean nobody #tailsboston #happyfriday #rocklover  Goodmorning ! It’s almost Friday and I think we speak for all when we say we rather be cuddled up sleeping like Bruce and Kona.
 “Can I have a treat?” Sure Baxter you can have ALL the treats! #tailsboston #happysaturday #happydog #labradorretriever  “ What kind of dog can do magic tricks? A Labracadabrador! “ - Sadie (Yossi on his walk yesterday)  Goodmorning from our Barkley boy, have a wonderful day #tailsboston #jamaicaplain #happypup #goodmorning  Lucy!! Such a sweetheart! ❤️ @cglick2004
 Is it legal to be this cute? Brady says hello to all of our Instagram family #tailsboston #happydog #goldenretriever #happyfriday  In honor of #tbt we are taking it way back to over three years ago. Are starting girls Miss Lucie and Henley napping. #tailsboston #bostondogs #dogdaycare #napping #whereitallbegan  If we had to guess how this conversation went down it’d be something like... Lola: “But I thought we were going outside” Santos: “it’s raining. Let me sleep” Lola: “you said sit on you ? Okay” #siblinglove #happysunday #tailsboston #bostondogs  Good morning, Just another reminder to all our Tails family

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 Our 385 Centre Street location offers retail, boarding, daycare, feline services, and dog walking services. Pick-up and drop-off transportation is available during the week. Give us a call today to schedule your dog’s evaluation and a tour of the facility.