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Daycare Prices
  • Got Siblings?
  • $25 each
    • Up to 3
    • For use with Full day only

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Boarding Prices
Daycare Packages
  • Standard
  • $350
    • 10 full daycare sessions
    • $40 savings!

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  • Premium
  • $680
    • 20 full daycare sessions
    • $100 savings!

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  • Elite
  • $960
    • 30 full daycare sessions
    • That’s $210 savings!

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Additional Information



The only item that must accompany your dog upon each visit is a collar and leash. You may bring their lunch, breakfast or dinner if desire to fill their bellies.  For the safety of all of our guests, no dog may enter or exit the facility without being properly leashed. Individual, labeled cubbies are available to leave your dog’s personal belongings, to be retrieved upon pickup.


We have loving staff, jungle gyms and a dognasium to keep our guests thoroughly entertained throughout the day, not to mention a group of their best friends. No need to bring any additional item. Alternatively, you may choose from our assortment of treats, kibble and nutritious food from our retail store.


For our youngest guests, Tails offers our exclusive Puppygarden, where dogs under the age of 7 months can pounce and play with other dogs of their own size in a safe environment. Dedicated Tails canine caretakers keep a watchful eye over the curious puppies as they develop imperative socialization skills and build confidence. Puppies are also encouraged to utilize the designated bathroom area to reinforce your at-home potty training efforts. 





We recommend bringing your own dog food so it is what your dog is accustomed to eating. Please package only an amount appropriate for the length of the stay and label it clearly with your dog’s first and last name. Alternatively, you may purchase food from our retail store.





If your dog requires medication, please bring the supplies along with a written account of administering instructions. Tails staff will administer the medication at no additional charge. In addition, all dogs have an emergency contact on file. If you prefer we contact an alternative person in the event of an emergency, please provide the appropriate information upon drop-off.

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Tails offers a home away from home, where your dog can romp and play with friends all day, and drift off into divine slumber each night with our trained overnight attendant at Tails without ever being caged or secluded in a kennel.  Your beloved pet will enjoy all the comfort and love of home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.